Heroes aren't born.
They're Built.

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With its advanced formulation of vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, and real fruit juice, SUPER LXR™ HERO HYDRATION™ helps you to hydrate like a hero.

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“Wakanda forever!”

You were born to achieve greatness. Let Super LXR Hero Hydration: Peach Mango flavor bring you one step closer to it! This everyday performance drink powers you to pick up...

Super LXR Hero Hydration - Peach Mango 12 Pack
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Peach Mango

“I am not controlled by my rage anymore. I am fueled by it.”

Hydrate your way to ultimate power with Super LXR Hero Hydration: Citrus Lemon Lime flavor! Channel ultimate brainpower (like Bruce Banner) and the total physical performance (like the Incredible Hulk)...

Super LXR Hero Hydration - Citrus Lemon Lime 12 Pack
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Citrus Lemon Lime

“I can do this all day.”

Hydrate the way Captain America intended with Super LXR Hero Hydration: Açaí Blueberry flavor! Just like Steve Rogers transformed into America’s hero, this high-powered formula will support YOU in living...

Super LXR Hero Hydration - Açaí Blueberry 12 Pack
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Açaí Blueberry

"Sometimes you've gotta run, before you can walk."

Channel your inner Tony Stark with Super LXR Hero Hydration: Dragon Fruit Watermelon flavor! Our performance-boosting formula is low in sugar and packed with vitamins, nootropics, and electrolytes! At only...

Super LXR Hero Hydration - Dragon Fruit Watermelon 12 Pack
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Dragon Fruit Watermelon