Sacrifice calories, not flavor. Our NEW All Natural Diet Peach Tea is sweetened with stevia and erythritol featuring the delicious blend of real brewed black tea and a splash of real juice. Take a sip, you won’t notice the difference.




Premium Brewed Blend of Black Teas Using Filtered Water, Erythritol, Natural Flavor, Peach Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract

Diet Peach Tea 20oz Tallboy (Case of 12)

Customer Reviews

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brooke (Eden Prairie, US)
CANNOT get enough

i quite literally was the sole demand at my town’s grocery store. i would buy so many a week because i loved this drink so much. i stopped buying it for a month and they had started not stocking it anymore. i can’t find it anywhere since. truly the best arizona drink out there.

Estrella Bonilla (Taylor, US)
I just love the Diet Peach in a can 5 Stars

I love the Diet Peach in a can and I can't find it anywhere. I give all my votes to the Diet Peach in a can. It stays cooler than the plastic bottle one. The taste is great even though it's a Diet drink.
I would order more if I can get it in a can. Thank you

Ruth Hanson Hale (DeKalb, US)

Refreshing, peachy, and not too sweet. Perfect!

George J (White Plains, US)
Love the flavor and home delivery real +

Really good flavor for diet drink, home delivery is a huge plus as my local supermarkets don't carry it. Highly recommend!!!

Sue (Akron, US)
20 oz tallboy

I like being able to get the peach and raspberry in diet. The 23 oz can is much cheaper, but these 20 tallboy plastic bottles are perfect for work. I rally do with they would have the diet green tea in the 20 oz tallboy. That is my favorite of the diet.