Sun Brew Cactus Blend (12oz Bags)

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    Guatemala and Honduras benefit from high altitudes, unique micro climates, and abundant rainfall in most regions that provide mineral-rich soils. It’s these perfect conditions that yield top-quality beans. We combine a balanced blend of beans from both regions, then precisely roast them to brew up a medium/dark cup of coffee joy. Flavor notes are characteristically nutty with a hint of sweet citrus, adding the ultimate finish on this indulgent blend.


    It's a dusty range out there, and AriZona's Cactus Blend will definitely smooth out your day.

    Premium Arabica ground coffee

    AriZona Sun Brew coffee is made with hand-selected coffee beans from Guatemala and Honduras.


    Flavor Profile

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    Nutty Profile
    Hint of Sweet Citrus
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    Freshly Roasted
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    100% Arabica
    Gluten Free
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    Drip Brewer Directions

    Measure 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 oz of water

    Coffee Storage

    Once opened, coffee is best stored in an airtight container for maximum freshness.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Rhanda Andrews
    5 Stars

    Love the taste. Perfect blend of everything

    Andrea Barbato (Pittsford, US)
    The best

    I love coffee. Originally someone gave me a pound of Arizona Cactus Blend as part of a gift. I was absolutely amazed. Didn’t know where to get it, I never saw it in stores. So here I am on their website. It has decidedly become one of my favorites of all time. Just try it for yourself. You’ll want more n

    C. (Margate, US)
    Perfect Blend

    This coffee is fantastic. I use my own Kuerig cup and don't have to pack it full because the flavor is exceptional! Just bought a 3-pack, our grocer is out!