Hit the gnarly rails and stairs like a pro with the AriZona Green Tea skateboard deck. Classically simple yet incredibly stylish, the AZ Green Tea 8' skateboard deck is a perfect replacement for your old deck. It's all about good vibes and a great skate when you're shredding the streets or parks and the AZ skateboard deck will keep you thirsty for more. 8.0" x 31.75" - Ideal board for cruising the boardwalk but strong enough to handle the big drops. 8.125" x 32" - The perfect board for all around thrashing whether it's snapping clean kick flips down 10, high speed frontside 5-0 grinds in the deep end or a crooked grind down your local hubba. In addition this board size and medium concave is ideal for any skateboarder that wants to enjoy cruising the streets.

Green Tea Skateboard Deck

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