Vapor Water Alkaline 750mL Bottle


Presenting water in it’s most natural form, AriZona Vapor Water is now made with an Advanced pH balance. By infusing a perfectly balanced blend of electrolytes into every sip, our special ionization process then removes any residual acid ions to increase the alkalinity and deliveries you a pure, vapor-distilled, pH balanced, refreshing experience.


Vapor distilled water infused with traces of potassium, calcium and magnesium

Customer Reviews

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Lisa (Somerville, US)
Excellent hydrating water

I found this at an military commissary in Florida and it's the only water that I've had that actually quenched my thirst!
It is SO good! It wasn't in any other store in Florida. I would Love to find it here in Massachusetts!

Get you some of this

Crisp clean amazing water, we just love it. Keep your body healthy from the inside out. Treat yourself today. You won't be sorry.

Kierstin (Midland Park, US)
love it! wish i could get it everywhere!

I know how crazy this sounds but this stuff is great! I have MS and take a bunch of meds which give horrible dry mouth and this is the only water that takes it away. The only problem is I can only find it at one store and that's in NYC. I live in NJ so it's not easy to carry a case home on the train. Please make it more available!