Sun Brew Snake Bite Blend- 3 Pack (3 X 12-COUNT PODS)

In the cafes of Colombia, coffee moments are easy and relaxed. Sipping slowly, coffee lovers everywhere know it’s the far-reaches of the Andes mountains where the jewels of coffee beans are born. AriZona’s sweetly aromatic 100% Colombian Snake Bite blend brews up a medium body, with flavor notes of nutty, bright citrus and a hint of sweet cocoa aroma.


What can we say...AriZona's Snake Bite's just one "dang-good" brew.

Premium Arabica ground coffee

Sunbrew coffee is made with hand-selected coffee beans from Colombia.


Flavor Profile

Nuts Image
Nutty Profile
Lime Icon
Bright Citrus
Cacoa Icon
Hint of sweet Cocoa
Freshly roasted bag icon
Freshly Roasted
Arabica bean icon
100% Arabica
Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

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Charles Lugo (San Diego, US)
The best coffee I've EVER drank

The title might be click bate-ish. But when I to stay energized for 3 days running off of 4 hours of sleep not even Death Wish "the world strongest coffee" can keep me going like these little dudes. The best part is, for service members like myself, it takes barely any space since they're just pods and are super good for bargaining tools. I can attest that this coffee has single handedly kept me going almost every single day I wake up, and help me get hyper focused when I need it. 10/10 would recommend. Best served hot with a splash of French vanilla, or even just black