With its advanced formulation of vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, and real fruit juice, SUPER LXR™ HERO HYDRATION™ supercharges your days to unleash your inner hero. Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, but they aren’t born, they’re built!

Whether you’re heading to the gym, the office, or the classroom, Super LXR™ is for the everyday hero, providing next-level hydration to power your performance.

Try all 4 four flavors in one amazing variety pack:

  • Peach Mango (3)
  • Citrus Lemon Lime (3)
  • Açaí Blueberry (3)
  • Dragon Fruit Watermelon (3)

Variety Pack 16oz Super LXR Hero Hydration (12-Pack)

az trial pack lockup Hero Hydration

Heros Aren't Born.
They're Built.

Hero Hydration Product Line

Individually, they're powerful.
Together, they're unstoppable.

Meet the full Super LXR Hero Hydration dream team, touching down to fuel your potential.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Adem Idrizi (New York, US)
A little on the sweeter side

Taste is great, I prefer the lemon one. The others are ok but I feel like they are a little too sweet. Overall a good product with good ingiredi

QueenL (Jersey City, US)
Good for after workouts

Most of the flavors are great - the lemon lime tasted like flat soda. Use for after workouts. The bottle covers are colorful & fun to look at.

AndrewTSquid (Charlottesville, US)
Got me friends at work

I originally found the blueberry flavor at a sheetz on a work trip a while back. I didn’t realize that Arizona made elixir and the fact it was a marvel collab made it a must buy. I enjoyed it so much I bought a full case and have been drinking through the whole thing. I gave one to a coworker and he enjoyed it so much we became friends. I also posted a picture of the full case on a drink discord server which lead to lots of @ mentions for me because no one had heard of it before. This drink has made me popular and tastes hype AF. I have been buying Arizona beverages for years and this elixir has only reinvigorated my addiction and brand loyalty to this product. Thanks for making me cool Arizona. Please sponsor me on TikTok.

Rose Perez (Riverside, US)

Taste way better then I thought I don’t like blueberry drinks and it was pretty good

Jam (Walsall, GB)
Best thing

Best thing